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Cleaning up Cairns & North Queensland since 1993

For more than 25 years, our goal at North Queensland Recycling Agents (NQRA) has always been to reduce waste and collect valuable materials which, every day, get added to landfill. We’re environmentalists at heart, and we want to help preserve our beautiful Australian environments for future generations.

Our hard-working and dedicated team recycle upwards of 180 tonnes of material each week. This could be cardboard we’ve collected from a local small business, or aluminium cans we’ve purchased from resourceful Cairns residents. NQRA is also one of the first companies in Queensland to be a part of the Containers for Change refund scheme.

We operate in conjunction with a number of other major processing companies, including:

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    With their help, much of the materials we collect can be reused time and time again, reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of these everyday items.

    See the What We Recycle page for the full list of what you can bring in. Feel free to contact our depot, open 6 days a week, to discuss your recycling needs.