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Bungalow Recycling Centre

Keep your valuable recyclables out of landfill and do your part for the environment with North Queensland Recycling Agents (NQRA). 

Our team processes tonnes of recyclable material, that is either dropped off at our depot or collected from local businesses, to be reused by major industries.

Find out how you can free yourself of rubbish and help the environment. Contact our friendly staff on (07) 4051 6679 if you have any questions.

Recycling Drop-Off

Whether you’re looking to clear out your garage or have a pile of scrap leftover from a construction project, NQRA is the team to see. Before you go dumping all your rubbish at the tip, do the environment a favour and bring your recyclable materials to us.

Our Bungalow depot accepts tonnes of cardboard, paper, glass, plastics, and non-ferrous metal. Unlike your local tip, there is no charge for leaving accepted materials! We’re open 6 days a week, closed on Sundays.

We also sell environmentally friendly wool bales, woven poly bags, hessian sand bags and rolls of hessian material.

Recycling Collection

At NQRA, our aim is to help you make the most of your rubbish, without the hassle! Thanks to our fleet of specialised recycling trucks, you can do the right thing with your recyclable materials without having to drive anywhere. With our vehicles travelling throughout Cairns and out to Gordonvale, Edmonton and Palm Cove, we save tonnes of scrap materials from entering landfill every week. Our collection fees are very reasonable as our main goal is to facilitate positive environmental change.

Cardboard is one of our most collected materials from local supermarkets, bars, shops and restaurants, and as such we have a variety of cages available. These range in size from 1.1 cubic metre bins to 10 cubic metre cages and make storing your cardboard scrap much easier.

We can also provide your business with a 240-litre wheelie bin suitable for all non-confidential office paper, card, magazines, manila folders and newspaper. Collections can be completed weekly as part of our scheduled runs or when requested over the phone. To discuss how our recycling services can help improve your business’ waste management, give us a call.

Scrap Metal Purchasing

If you’re left with a pile of scrap metal on your property, or leftover materials from a project, you might be able to turn that trash into cash. NQRA is one of the few recycling depots in North Queensland which purchases non-ferrous metals. These include:

We also purchase automotive parts such as lead batteries and radiators as they contain significant quantities of valuable metals once broken down.

Get paid on the spot for acceptable-grade materials based on the total weight. Rates vary depending on the current market value of the metal, however we always aim to give the best deal to our clients. We pay in cash and EFT transactions, however, in some cases an ABN number may be required. Our team sorts metals and has them shipped for melting down. They will then be reused as secondary raw materials for manufacturing.

Not sure if your metal items are ferrous or non-ferrous? Refer to our What We Recycle page for a full list of accepted materials. Please note that we do not process or purchase any regular steel.

Document Destruction

As part of our on-site recycling collections, we also offer a reliable and secure document destruction service for local North Queensland businesses. This saves your staff time and effort shredding documents at the office.

Firstly, we provide a lockable 240-litre wheelie bin with a small opening at the top for paper. These are collected twice a week, or on-call as required, by a secure Pantech truck back to our Bungalow premises.

The bin is then weighed, and the contents immediately shredded. We offer a full confidentiality guarantee and issue a Certificate of Destruction if required. Please contact us for more pricing and pickup details.

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